Goodbye Whiskers

A Cup 'O Whiskers
A Cup 'O Whiskers

Today was a sad one for Julia and I as our dear pet guinea pig “Whiskers” died. We noticed him slowing down considerably on Saturday afternoon, and upon returning home from church on Sunday found him dead.

He had escaped death before, or so it seemed, as in early November he was just about to be put down because of a large tumor that was growing near his front right leg. At that time we were able to nurse him back to health and he seemed to be full of life – just like when he was very young.

We buried him in the back corner of our yard and marked his grave with a small stone. 

It was a pretty sad day. On one had it seems strange to feel this way about a seemingly unimportant animal, but he was very much a big part of our lives. We’ve had him since were were married, so perhaps there was a bit more of an attachment to him because of that.

It will seem strange to go downstairs and not hear his familiar “wheeking” sound anymore. He will be missed.