The Gracie Name Game

No small controversy has been stirred within the family over what the name of our little girl will be. Everyone, including ourselves, had assumed it would be “Gracie”, and while that is a solid name that we still love, things have changed!

We – or more specifically Julia – has found one that has really resonated with us. It is not Mildred, Patricia, ‘nor Penelope or any of the other 3302 guesses that some have made (looking at you, Janet).

Sooner or later someone is bound to guess, but until that point we’ll just enjoy the ‘torture’


Thanks Chuck!

A few night’s ago Julia told the boys that if they could get dressed quickly enough in the morning that she would let them watch Chuck before school started (for Zach).

For those of you not privy to the morning routine (myself included – on school days that is), it is a process that is played out very slowly. So much so that we have the boys change into their clothes for the next (school) day the night before or otherwise there is no way Julia will make it to Zach’s school in time.

It’s not like the boys are sleeping in or anything. They wake up early enough, but have so many things that distract them, such as:

  • Baby Squeak – his head needs to be kissed and patted.
  • Mini Wheats – although I have no conclusive scientific evidence, they do multiple at a rate of 2 pmpf (per-minute-per-fight).
  • Wrestling – when you wake up in the same room, chances are you have to have some sort of physical contest to determine who will escape from said room first!
  • Toys – no matter what path is taken, chances are there is a ball or toy on route that either needs kicking or playing (or both).

Frantic cries of “Hurry up” from the mother figure are generally ignored and try as she might it’s usually a last minute dash to school to get there before the last bell sounds at 9 am.

Well wouldn’t you know it, but that all changed when the promise of Chuck was announced. Fights and wrestling were at a minimum, Mini Wheats were consumed at a fast enough rate that the pmpf was negligible, and the toys were ignored. Baby Squeak also did not prove to be a distraction as he had created a moat around himself with drool. But the most impressive feat of all was that they both got their winter gear on in record time, as evidenced below:

Pat and Zach dressed in their winter gear